• Weld in light suitable for all steel and aluminum yachts
  • Available weld thru hull fittings from 0 – 50 degrees, suitable for all hull shapes
  • High density COB LED chip technology, the latest and best available
  • Borosilicate glass, extremely durable
  • Advanced silicone optic, Sea Vision first, protects the LED from moisture and increases light output 30%
  • Available in white, blue, green
  • 21,685 lumens in white, independently verified
  • 40.000 lamp hours
  • 2 year warranty
  • CE, ABS, Lloyd’s (without a cofferdam, industry first) and Rina certified



Safety Information
This light must be welded into a STEEL/ALUMINUM hulled vessel in accordance with common ship building practices.

Upon proper installation, this light will become part of the vessels grounding and cathodic protection system.

Always disconnect and lock-out power before working on light.

Care and Maintenance:
The light should be inspected for moisture every six months by removing the projector lid and inspecting internal components. This can be accomplished while the vessel is in the water.

The light’s electrical cabling and driver box should be visually inspected for proper operating condition every six months.

Marine growth should be removed from the glass using a soft brush to allow both heat and illumination to properly exit the light.

Technical Specifications

Light source = Instant on high flux density LED array – 21,685 Lumens (Peak Axial Candela 11270 ) – 6500 Kelvin color temperature in White – Available in Red, Green, Blue (RGB) or Red, Green, Blue, White (RGBW) changing LED array’s – 40,000+ hours life

Glass = Borosilicate glass – 12.7mm (0.5”) thick – 58mm (2.3”) diameter net aperture

Light Common Body Dimensions = 150mm (5.9”) diameter x 166mm (6.5”) length

Smallest Front Flange Dimensions (STEEL) = 100mm (3.94”) diameter x 25mm (0.98”) length

Smallest Front Flange Dimensions (ALUMINUM) = 100mm (3.94”) diameter x 65mm (2.56”) length

Largest Front Flange Dimensions = 140mm (5.51”) diameter x 213mm (8.39”) length

Construction (STEEL) = 316L Stainless steel – Black anodized 5086 marine aluminum

Construction (ALUMINUM) = Bright dip anodized 5086 marine aluminum – Black anodized 5086 marine aluminum

Power supply = See matching Underwater Lights® USA, LLC driver box


This light should be installed at minimum 610mm (24”) below the light load water line with approximately a 20° down angle by qualified/approved personnel using proper tools, welding procedures and materials. An access area of at least 75mm (3”) should be left behind the light for servicing and general ventilation.

After selecting a location, cut an appropriate sized hole through the vessel hull. Note: Hole size will be defined by the specific weldin Front Flange (18) that came with the light. Caution! Check that no electrical wiring, fuel lines, oil lines, water lines etc., pass near or through the intended hole location. Note: In order to allow proper heat dissipation from the installed lights it is important to ensure that any hull insulation/cladding is not in contact with the thru hull or light body. It is recommended that a minimum of 30mm (1.2”) of clear space should be surrounding the fixture to allow for adequate cooling.

Place the supplied Front Flange (18) into said hole and following common ship building practices, permanently weld-in place. Note: Leave the factory installed block-off disk and protective cap on the supplied Front Flange (18) until final light assembly.

Final light assembly – Remove Front Flange (18) block-off disk, protective cap and clean all surfaces. Install two Glass Gaskets (5) (one gasket on either side of glass) Glass (4), Glass Retaining Ring (3) and six fasteners (13) tightened in a criss-cross pattern to 9 Nm (7 ft/lbs) using a 5mm allen wrench. Screw Connecting Ring (2) with attached Main Body (1) onto Front Flange (18) and tighten to 40 Nm (30 ft/lbs). Note: Apply anti-seize compound to Connecting Ring (2) threads. Upon making proper electrical connections (see driver box manual), connect Receptacle (16) to plug (17). Note: Upon completing light installation, it is highly recommended that the Front Flange (18) be coated with antifouling paint.

Serviceable Parts:
This light is fully serviceable and all parts are replaceable. Please contact our technical support staff to discuss your individual needs.

For Glass (4) replacement, disconnect Receptacle (16) from Plug (17), remove Connecting Ring (2) with attached Main Body (1), remove six fasteners (13), Glass Retaining Ring (3) and Glass Gaskets (5). Upon thoroughly cleaning all surfaces, reverse said procedure to assemble the new Glass (4) and Glass Gaskets (5). Note: Tighten all six fasteners (13) in a criss-cross pattern to 9 Nm (7 ft/lbs) using a 5mm allen wrench. Caution! Never attempt to remove/replace Glass (4) while vessel is in the water.