Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I turn my underwater light(s) on when the boat is out of the water?
    All (except the SV60) of Sea Vision’s underwater lights can be operated out of the water, however, we do not recommend operating out of the water for prolonged periods of time as this practice may reduce the life expectancy of the lamps or LED boards.
  2. Can my underwater lights be left on while the boat is running at speed?
  3. How easy is installation?
    Installation will vary depending on the type of underwater light or vessel involved. We recommend contacting you’re local dealer, shipyard or marine electronics company. We recommend installations to be performed by qualified personnel.
  4. Should the exterior surfaces of the underwater lights be protected with anti-fouling paint?
    Yes – Sea Vision recommends anti-fouling on the exterior surfaces of all underwater lights with bronze housings/flanges. The SV44 underwater light is constructed of thermal plastic and nylon and does not require anti-fouling, although it may help to minimize marine growth. We sell SeaClear antifouling for lights and glass lenses.
  5. Can the lamp or LED board be changed from inside the vessel?
    All of Sea Vision’s thru-hull type underwater lights can be serviced from inside the vessel without requiring haul-out (unless a lens needs to be replaced). For thru-hull underwater lights, Sea Vision recommends that you remove internal parts and inspect for damage and cleanliness at least once every 6-months.
  6. Is the backside of my thru-hull underwater light watertight?
    Sea Vision’s thru-hull underwater lights are designed for wet locations, and with proper cap and wire gland installation, will be watertight (but not submersible from inside the boat). All of our underwater lights have been extensively tested by independent laboratories and our in-house testing facility to ensure that the back of the lights are watertight when properly installed. Our SV38 tank light, however, is designed to be installed in water tanks.
  7. Are the Underwater lights to be installed below the waterline?
    Yes, we recommend the lights to be installed below the waterline for optimum heat dissipation and lighting effect. Please see technical specifications for more information.
  8. What is the Sea Vision (Underwater Lights® USA, LLC) warranty policy?
    Underwater Lights® USA, LLC warrants each new underwater light to be free from defects in material under normal operating conditions for two years, while all deck lights are one year. Underwater Lights® USA will repair or replace faulty parts at our discretion subject to your delivery of the parts to its factory. Return transportation, if necessary, is to be prepaid by the owner. The warranty starts from the date of sale.
  9. Are my underwater lights rebuildable?
    As a very unique feature, all of Sea Vision’s underwater lights constructed with bronze or aluminum are rebuildable. Contact our main office for assistance and recommendations.
  10. How can I get replacement parts for my underwater lights?
    Technical data sheets are available online for each model. There you can find parts schematics and part numbers for replacement parts. Please contact our main office for pricing, availability and recommendations.
  11. What colors are available for underwater lights?
    At this time, it depends on the model chosen. All of our LED light offerings are available in White, Blue, Green, and Red. Some LED models are available in Color-Changing RGB.
  12. Where can I purchase Sea Vision underwater and cabin/deck lights?
    All US sales go through our main office in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. We also have a European office in Cannes, France. In addition, Sea Vision products are also available through our international distributor network. Please visit the CONTACT/ABOUT US section of our website for more details.
  13. Who do I contact to install my new underwater and/or deck/cabin lighting?
    In most cases, your local boat dealer, shipyard or service center should be able to perform these installations.
  14. How many lights do you recommend I install on my boat?
    Every lighting project is a unique situation depending on the desired light effect, output required and budget. Please contact one of our professionals at our US main office or European office to discuss your needs.
  15. Can I replace my existing halogen cabin/deck lighting with LED?
    Yes. Sea Vision offers a wide range of LED alternatives to Halogen cabin/deck lighting. In many cases, we can provide LED solutions for your existing light fixtures. If you desire to completely replace your fixture(s), chances are we can find a suitable replacement that will fit your budgetary needs.
  16. Can I replace my existing halogen/HID underwater lamps with LED?
    Sea Vision currently offers an LED retrofit kit for the popular SV20, SV10, SV14 and SV37 underwater light that will directly replace the HID components without having to replace the main housing (this can be performed while the vessel remains in the water). We are constantly working on new technology, so please feel free to contact us to see if we have what you are looking for.


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