LED / Fiberglass Hull / DC powered
Underwater Lights

SV20 LED retrofit kit

For clients wanting to upgrade their SV20 xenon lamps to LED, Sea Vision now offers an LED retrofit kit. This kit includes all the required components to replace the lamp, reflector and ballast of the SV20 xenon with an LED module. The LED retrofit is designed to fit the exact footprint of the light it is replacing including the wiring, wiring connectors, and driver. This ensures that the installation of the retrofit is as simple as possible. The LED units are available in white and blue with industry leading light output and an ideal CRI of 90.

SV19 LED retrofit kit

For Sea Vision clients wanting to upgrade their existing SV 19 Gen I LEDs or their SV19 50W HIDs we now offer a retrofit LED kit. This Kit incorporates the latest high powered COB high density LED chip technology coupled with an industry first silicone optic. The LED’s are significantly more powerful than the Gen I’s and the silicone optics enhance the lighting effect whilst protecting the LED from condensation. The exchange is an easy retrofit which allows the user to complete the task while the boat is in the water as the existing thru hull fitting remains in place. Blue and white color options are available.

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