LED / Fiberglass Hull / AC powered
Underwater Lights

SV10 LED retrofit kit

For owners wanting to upgrade their 150/250W* SV10 HID lights, Sea Vision now offers an LED retrofit kit. The exchange can be completed without hauling the vessel as the through hull body remains and the retrofit kit is a direct replacement for the HID components. Available in white, blue or RGB color changing with three optional controls this kit incorporates the latest High Density Chip technology with light enhancing silicone optics. Additionally the optic mounts on top of the LED providing a protective waterproof barrier which prevents moisture damage, an industry first with improved reliability. The silicone optic produces an even lighting effect throughout the beam angle which when added to the near ideal CRI produces an extraordinary lighting effect. The kit comes with our standard two year warranty.

*Only compatible with the short body version SV10 250W

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