SV20 LED retrofit kit

SV20 LED retrofit
For clients wanting to upgrade their SV20 xenon lamps to LED, Sea Vision now offers an LED retrofit kit. This kit includes all the required components to replace the lamp, reflector and ballast of the SV20 xenon with an LED module. The LED retrofit is designed to fit the exact footprint of the light it is replacing including the wiring, wiring connectors, and driver. This ensures that the installation of the retrofit is as simple as possible. The LED units are available in white and blue with industry leading light output and an ideal CRI of 90.



SV14 LED retrofit kit

SV14 LED retrofit
Yachts with the older style SV14 HID lights now have the option of being retrofit with current fixtures with the latest in LED technology. Sea Vision offers a direct replacement for their HID lights which retains the existing thru hull assembly and allows the exchange to be accomplished without hauling the Yacht. This LED replacement utilizes the latest High Density LED chip technology and now incorporates a silicone optic, a first for the industry. This optic envelops the LED preventing contact with moisture and increases the light output by 30% when compared to the equivalent HID. This is a great advance in LED underwater lighting as moisture is a common cause of failure.

The fixtures will retain their present ABS, Lloyds or RINA approvals and the heat sync/secondary containment has been approved and tested to meet the new L.R. pressure tests for installation without additional cofferdams, also a first for the industry.


Amazing Tankoa Yacht at night with SV14 LED SS Underwater lights

SV14 LED SS Underwater lights SV14 LED SS Underwater lights

SV27 footage from recently launched Fleming.

Video by DragonShore Ltd




Taiwan Boat Show 2016

Our Distributor in Taiwan, DragonShore Ltd exhibited at the Taiwan show in March and had a wide range of Sea Vision products on display.

Taiwan Boat Show 2016 Taiwan Boat Show 2016


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