New Products


SeaClear is a brand new product specifically designed to stop the buildup of microorganisms on your underwater lights. There is no other product on the market that can do the same job as SeaClear. Made to last twelve months between applications it keeps your lights bright and clear.

SeaClear protection for underwater lights

LED Neon Flex Strip Light

The Neon Flex strip lighting opens up a whole new world of possibilities for accent lighting. Now you can install strip lighting anywhere and get the smooth, even lighting effect of neon without the hot spots associated with typical tape or rope lighting. Our Neon Flex strip lighting comes in a multitude of colors and attachment methods.

Sea Vision DV59

Robust bronze LED dock light with Borosilicate glass lens, high-intensity COB LED technology and GFCI-protected plug-in surface-mount driver box. Flexible mounting options. It can be mounted horizontally on any structure or simply placed on the sea, lake or pond bottom.

Sea Vision SV54 Surface Mount

This light has a single high powered LED in a bronze/nylon housing designed for smaller boats that need LED lighting. This light is excellent for any boat which has limited interior access but requires a surface mount installation.

Patent pending.

Sea Vision SV10LED 

The SV 10 LED is the brightest thru hull LED underwater light available to owners of GRP and wood boats. Utilizing the latest high density chip LEDs combined with the proven and reliable thru hull from the SV10 HID produces a winning combination. As with all thru hull lights servicing and maintenance can be completed from inside the boat so this task is not limited to haul out periods. This light is suitable for all mid to large vessels including Yachts, sport fishers and cruising boats that have available A/C power.

Sea Vision SV14 and SV37 LED

We have developed our new LED yacht lights adapting them to our weld in thru hulls. This light will be ideal for yachts wanting to utilize LED technology, we use a high powered square chip LED which is much brighter than the multiple diode technology that has been used up to date. The adaption has been made for our SV14, also available in HID and for our SV37, also available in HID and Plasma. © 2008-2015 All Rights Reserved.

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