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Underwater lights USA was founded in 2000 to promote the use of an underwater light designed specifically for the marine industry. Up until this time the only underwater lights available were used in swimming pools and these lights were not capable in meeting the demands of the marine environment. It was a relatively unknown concept in 2000 and we spent time and money through advertising, boatshows and general marketing to promote this new idea.

Now in 2015 we can say we have been successful and that it's not a question of “why would I want underwater lights in my boat?” but “Which underwater lights should I install”? The answer is simple “SEA VISION” we were the forerunners of this concept and will continue to be so through development and research. No other underwater light company can boast the client list or number of lights sold in any one month or year worldwide. The reason is, we offer a quality product at competitive pricing with an outstanding service.

Sea Vision started out with two part time people and now boasts offices based in Fort Lauderdale and Cannes and 20 employees. We also have 9 strategically placed distributors through out the world.

United States Location

Seavision showroom
Seavision showroomSeavision showroom
Underwater Lights USA, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Europe Location

Underwater Lights Europe, Cannes, France

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